Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture, Dual Spinner Da...

only $322.95

Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture, Dual Spinner Sp...

only $297.95

Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Dual Helix Spinner, One Size, Copper

only $314.95

Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture, Double Windmill...

only $299.95

Double Spiral Solar Garden Spinner

only $32.98

Garden Kinetic Wind Spinner: Bronze Twirler

only $59.95

Let There Be Wind

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Kinetic Wind Sculptures dance with the wind in exciting and creative ways. Powered by nature they spin and twirl, glide and soar. Some are feats of engineering genius that capture the imagination as they move through the air.

The 1950's and 1960's saw the evolution of modern kinetic sculptures. Combining engineering and art many artists including George Rickey and Andrew Calder started creating three dimensional movable art. One of Rickey's most famous works "Two Open Triangles Up Gyratory" features two steel triangles which move, separate, and then come back together in what has been described as a "poetry of motion".

Andrew Calder is best known as the inventor of the mobile (1931). While working on three dimensional structures he developed a keen interest in the engineering balance of the pieces he was designing and how the air currents affected their movement. The ubiquitous mobile has been hung over babies cribs, amusing and delighting them, for generations.

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